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Parkinson's Disease


Parkinson’s is a disease of the nervous system that mostly affects older adults.  The disease most often begins after the age of 50.  Parkinson’s can be difficult to live with because it severely restricts mobility and as a result makes daily activities increasingly difficult.

Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, which means that in most cases it will continue to gradually get worse.  Many people who develop Parkinson’s will require home care assistance. That's where we can help!

Our goal is to keep clients safe and independent and in the comfort of their own home as long as possible. Our focused suite of Parkinson's services include help with:

  • Ambulation
  • Swallowing issues
  • Memory issues
  • Medications and medication boxes
  • Bathing, dressing and the bathroom
  • Household chores including, laundry, meal prep and light cleaning
  • Transportation if needed and grocery shopping

Dial-A-Nurse caregivers are trained yearly and kept up to date with education and resources available to provide the best quality of care. Everything in our Parkinson's program is designed to provide exceptional care for our clients:

  • Individualized and on demand care. No waiting till someone becomes "available" like in some Assisted Living Communities.
  • Every client gets a thorough Nurse Assessment, performed by an RN who will come to the home and analyze the surroundings, support system, mental and physical condition of the individual. They will then use that data in order to create a care plan that details what is needed and how we are going to provide that for them.
  • We perform follow up assessments, get feedback from caregivers and family to reinforce and modify the plan so that the client can be as independent as possible.
  • All care givers are extensively trained in house and are supervised 24/7 by an RN.

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