It may seem stressful at first, but hiring a caregiver can be quite relieving in the end.  At the beginning of the process it is often difficult to adjust to a new person being in your home.  But with time, it becomes normal and routine.  The key is to have open communication and the patience to turn that “awkwardness of being with a stranger” into “welcoming them as a support and relief” for your family.

Here are some essential tips to make the most of the first day with a new in-home caregiver.

Discuss their Arrival

You or the person receiving assistance at home might be anxious about the arrival of the caregiver.  Make them comfortable by discussing the arrival of the new person beforehand in a way that emphasizes the thrill of someone new and exciting entering into their lives.  It’s best to talk about the roles and responsibilities of the new caregiver and how they will vastly improve home life.

Get Ready for a Home Tour

Make the caregiver familiar with your home and be sure to give them a home tour.  It is better to discuss the peculiarities of your place in advance of them beginning care. Tell your caregiver if the water knobs are not working properly, or if the lights of a particular space do not illuminate well. The aide needs to get familiar with every space of the home.  Also, it is a wise idea to introduce them to all the family members so that everyone can get acquainted.

Little Post-it notes are a very effective way of pointing out important things around the house.  You can stick them on the cabinets or the refrigerator or anywhere else you sense the caregiver might find the information useful.

Talk about Family Preferences

Of course, it is impossible to discuss everything in the first meeting. Save something for later, like your family preferences- their habits and house rules (if any). Speak about the routine of family members as well.

Is anyone super conscious about cleanliness? Please share it with the caregiver! Do you think someone at your home likes to eat specific food? Speak to this new person about what they like.

In short, the caregiver needs to know as much as possible about the people living there to best begin to fit in with the people and routines of those they are there to help.  It may take some time for that new person to adjust, though, but with patience and communication things begin to become more and more comfortable and often the caregiver becomes like a member of the family.

Flexibility is the Key

Be open to changes! There is always a care plan which might have worked in the past, but it would help if everyone remains open to any changes that might be suggested.  New ideas bring a fresh perspective and can result in better care and cooperation for everyone concerned.

Express your Worries

If you are not happy with the method of care or anything else that is happening, speak to the caregiver immediately.  Expressing your concerns, honestly and quickly is the best thing you can do to make it a smooth process for both you and the caregiver.

A positive attitude and clear communication is the key to success!

Review the Care Plan

Always know that you can tweak the care plan at any point.  If you keep your mind open to changing how things are done, it becomes easier for you and your caregiver to adjust. Review the existing care plan and ask for the caregiver’s suggestions too. Use that information to create and new and improved system of care.

Winning First Day with New In-Home Caregiver is Possible!

These tips are intended to assist you to have a winning first day with a new in-home caregiver and help you to make it an excellent experience for you all.