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Do You Know the Signs of ALS?

ALS is an acronym for a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It is perhaps better known by its other name—Lou Gehrig’s disease, so named for a famous baseball player whose career ended when he was diagnosed. It is a disease that can be diagnosed at any age. In fact, it is most commonly diagnosed in…

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8 Symptoms of Mental Illness

Normal signs of aging can mask symptoms of mental illness in the elderly. Learn about these 8 symptoms to spot mental illness among seniors. About 58% of people over age 65 think that depression is a normal part of aging. Myths like this often prevent seniors from having mental illnesses identified and treated. (Mental Health…

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Tips for Cancer Caregivers

Helpful Information for Caregivers of Seniors with Cancer Caregiving for a senior with cancer comes with many challenges. Seniors with cancer often experience longer recoveries. Here’s what caregivers need to know to help. It’s estimated that 39% of people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Many individuals living with cancer are over the…

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How Home Care Helps after a Total Hip and Total Knee Replacements

Home care specialists provide support and assistance as your loved one returns home after being hospitalized for a total hip and total knee replacements. How Home Care Helps after a Total Hip & Total Knee Replacements What is Home Care? Home care is a more personalized alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It…

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